​What Happened to Julia?.....Medical Mission.....Memorial Fund

          In late July 2005, Julia was having some flu-like symptoms. Fatigue, sore throat, fever off and on.  She rallied as needed to work at the Sierra Club, do her weekly babysitting job and work on Saturdays at bridal shop downtown. On Sunday, July 31, she had a nosebleed that was hard to stop.  We took her to Urgent Care that night and after a quite thorough exam, they concluded that she had a kidney infection (which was probably unrelated to the nosebleed).  They sent her home with a prescription for antibiotics.

           We were planning to leave on a driving trip to Yellowstone National Park on Friday August 5th.  Her condition didn’t improve much by Tuesday, so we visited her regular pediatric office.  They prescribed a stronger antibiotic and asked us to check back before we left town.  On Thursday we returned to the clinic. ...

What Happened to Julia?