Julia Berg

Welcome to the Julia Berg Website 

          We sometimes wonder ourselves why we have this site, now thirteen years after Julia died. Those of us who knew and loved Julia don’t need this to remind us that she was a bright light in our lives. Our wider circle of friends knows and trusts that we will never forget her, and they continue to be gentle with us as we navigate our loss.

         It seems that most people who find this site are searching for some other Julia Berg (and, judging by the source domains, there must be lots of Julia Bergs in China, Russia, Germany and Australia). But a surprising number stay to read “About Julia” or some of the “Tributes” that we’ve posted.

         The website gives us a place to share our thoughts, and to catalogue some of the proactive efforts we’ve made to salvage something from our loss, addressing the risks of medical error. There is always a spike in visits around Julia’s birthday (April 21) and the date she died (August 10), so we know that we have some “followers.” But we’ve avoided making this a blog or an interactive site—knowing that people will find a way to reach us if they want.

          Whether you are a new visitor or a returning friend, we appreciate your paying attention. We’ve learned a lot about grief, and the long term challenge is to move forward, without letting go. The Julia Berg website helps us find our way. Thank you for indulging us.

                                                                                   --Dan Berg and Welcome Jerde, July, 2018


Forever in our hearts